Friday fun

Today has been a really fun day. I’ve been enjoying a relaxing day off, pottering about the house. On days like this, I don’t even mind doing the house work because I get to do it at a normal pace rather than having to cram it in after getting home in the evening.


I’ve also had time to finish a project, and start a new one. Always a good feeling when you finish something you’ve been working on for a while. This was a grey sweater, which probably won’t see the light of day until next autumn now. I’m a little teeny bit concerned that the sleeves seem to have grown after washing. This despite the fact that I’ve used machine washable yarn. Hmmm. Well, I haven’t actually tried it on yet, as I always like to wash things before doing that – they usually do change with washing anyway. However, we may have an orang-utan situation here. Oh well…maybe it will be nice and cost to have slightly too long sleeves.


The new project uses some of my yarn haul from last weekend’s shopping trip – some lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, and a little but of Rowan Extra Fine Merino that I had left over from something I made last year.


I really love the colours of the Debbie Bliss yarn ranges. Back in the day, when I first started to do serious amounts of crochet, Rowan Pure Wool DK used to be my go to range colour-wise. However these days I find the Debbie Bliss palettes a lot more appealing. I don’t think it’s that my taste has changed, but I honestly think the Rowan colour palettes have not been so good the last few years.


Anyway, this little project that I am working on is just something simple that I came up with myself. I’ve been meaning to make some new cushion covers for our living room for a while now, and this is the first of hopefully a series of them. I initially started off thinking about doing a moss stitch knitted cushion cover, but just wasn’t sure I’d have the patience for all that knitting in moss stitch. Then I had the bright idea that I could still get some of the textured feel and look that I was after but a lot more quickly by doing crochet moss stitch. I do really love the texture of this stitch. Actually I think I am becoming much more attracted to textured in knitted and crocheted textiles these days generally. What are your favourite textured stitches, knitted or crocheted?

Once the cushion is finished, I may try and give some technical details but we’ll see.

More about the sweater next time!



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