Moss stitch cushion

So, this cushion cover has been a long time coming. I don’t mean the actual process of creating it, but the idea of making this, or something like it, has been hanging around inside my head for a while.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while (i.e. back in 2015 , back when I was using the Blogger platform) you might be aware that I moved house last summer. My other half and I moved in together. We both had our own 1 bed flats before this, but surprisingly given that, the big move in has entailed the purchase of a considerable amount of new furniture. I say surprisingly, because you’d be forgiven for thinking that 2 people who have previously owned their own places might be possessed of enough furniture between them to mean that they didn’t have to buy almost a whole house worth on moving in.

Moss stitch cushion 3Finished moss stitch cushion 2

In reality though, our new place is much bigger than either of our old places (We have a dining room! Yes, a whole separate room for dining – something neither of us could have dreamed of alone!). Also most of S’s furniture was pretty manky and falling to bits, so he didn’t bring much of it with him. Neither of us owned such as thing as a wardrobe, because we both had built in wardrobes in our old flats. We also have a pretty mahoosive living room to furnish and my teeny weeny sofa (bought especially to suit the small space of my old living room) was pretty much dwarfed in the new space. We have been so lucky to get this place. Anyone reading this who is familiar with the London property market can probably understand – the excitement of being able to have a dining room and a large living room! Affordable properties which tick these boxes are few and far between here.

Finished moss stitch cushion

Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice problems to have, but it has meant that we have spent the last 10 months or so working through a long list of furniture which we needed to buy. S, lovely man that he is, has given me pretty much a free hand in choosing things. We had a list of basic things that we agreed we needed to get like ‘sofa’, ‘armchairs’, ‘dining table’ etc., and obviously a budget, but beyond that, S has left the decisions about specifics of furnishings such as style and colour to me.


While I have had much fun poring over furniture websites and Pinterest for inspiration as we have gradually bought pieces, it has meant that I have been getting an itch, which has gradually been getting stronger, to make some new bits and pieces. Basically, most of my old throws and cushion covers which I’ve made over the last few years don’t quite go with the new furniture we’ve been buying and plan to buy, and this fidgets me. So I’ve long been meaning to get cracking on making new things. To be honest the interior style of the house is a gradually evolving thing anyway. Well, I am not sure you could go so far as to claim we have a ‘style’ as such – I am no interior designer – but I like it that way.

I just want things that I like, that make me smile. I know I like textures and soft colours, especially in living in bed rooms. I am hoping that if I go on this basis and choose and create things that appeal to me within those guidelines, then a sort of soft, eclectic, approachable style will kind of emerge of its own accord. I’m not a matchy-matchy person – I don’t need or want everything to be perfectly colour co-ordinated. I think some mis-match gives personality and makes a place more welcoming.

So anyway….that is how this cushion cover came into being – as the first small step in what I know will be a long, but fun road of designing and making new things for the house.


Phew, what a long and rambling intro to a simple cushion cover! Sorry about that everyone and thanks for sticking with me. Next up, another cushion – but staying true to my eclectic ethos as described above, I’ll be going for a different vibe with this one.

See you all again soon.


An attempt at a pattern for this cushion is now available to download : MossStitchCushion042016

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