Something new with some sunshine


There’s nothing nicer than starting a new project which you enjoy from the beginning. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get into whatever I’m making. Often I’ll second guess my choice or yarn, or the colour and wish I’d gone for something a bit different. I sometimes think I just get stuck in a colour-rut and wish I could be a bit more original with my choices.


Often for me I think that slightly dis-satisfied feeling comes from having been too influenced by something someone else has done…you know how it goes, you browse on Pinterest or Ravelry and see some lovely project that someone else has done and it just grabs your imagination. You forget that maybe you don’t actually like that particular shade of pink, or it isn’t going to fit in with anything else in your house, or that actually you had planned to make something else next rather than yet another granny blanket. Well, who can ever have enough granny blankets, but you know what I’m driving at. Sometimes seeing so many beautiful things around can sort of overwhelm your senses a little and you forget to think about whether it’s really you or not.


I think I’ve done that a lot in the past, and ended up making things that I’ve enjoyed while making but have known they don’t really reflect me or my tastes. So, I’ve been trying to get away from that this past year or so, and stay a but more true to myself when making things. I hope the result will be lovely things that I not only love making but love to have around too.


Well, I think with my latest project, which is another cushion cover for my living room, I really have hit the nail on the head. I’ve never really used brown much before in any of my crochet projects, but now that I have started, I can’t think why not.


You might well recognise the pattern, this is based on the Sunshine Day Afghan Blanket pattern by Alicia Paulson. This one has been on my to do list since seeing Coco Rose Diaries’ version of this last year. I’d seen these motifs around on Pinterest etc. and liked them, but had never investigated far enough to find out where the actual pattern was.

This isn’t the exact motif specified in the pattern. I did buy the pattern, but I’ve reduced the number of puffs as you might see if you look closely. I just wanted to simplify it a little – I need things to be laid back at the moment, and it was just a little hard for me to cram that many puffs into the square – it must be my tension.

I am really loving the pink and brown combination and the little puffy squares. The yellow is just because I really love yellow, especially mustard and ochre shades. I think it goes so well with the brown and pink. I think my favourite might be the caramel colour I have used for the borders of the squares though. The whole thing just comes together to look so friendly and inviting. I can’t wait to start sewing the squares together.



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