Sunshine cushion

Hello everyone…

I have been away a little bit longer than I intended. Things just happened…life really. We were away last weekend, which was planned, then of course I was ill whilst we were away and still recovering when we got back. Does anyone else’s body seem to do this to them – come down with some kind of cold or bug the second you get a few days off which you plan to enjoy by going away or going out and doing things?


Then of course there was work, which was just…chaotic and stress-fully busy. Next week is shaping up to be much the same, but never mind.

I did manage to finish my cushion in amongst all this life-type stuff. As I was stitching the squares together I was feeling a little worried. I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.




But then, like magic, once all the squares were joined, the pieces together and fastening in made, I could see the beauty, and now I love it!

Sorry, just excuse me for a sec while I wallow in the cushion love….yup, here we go:



I love it. It’s not perfect – my puffs were a little uneven probably due to my lack of facility with puff stitch. I also had my doubts about some of the colours as I went along. If I were to re-do, I would possibly not include the very pale yellow and the mauve-pink colour. But hey-ho, now that they are in I don’t mind them.

I’m not sure now that this one will make it into the living room though. It just feels like more of a study or a dining room cushion. There’s an old teal tub chair in the study which I think I may replace with something newer at some point, probably in a cream or coffee colour, and if so then this cushion would go great. Hmmm, who buys furniture to go with their crochet?!? I do I guess!

So I think that’s it for now. I am already embarking on the follow up to this one, yup, another cushion. The relentless cushion making drive continues…something different again for the next one, but more of that soon.



4 thoughts on “Sunshine cushion

  1. I love your cushion too! Nice work, eventhough you had a very busy time.
    Hope everything will come together fine and that life will be a little bit easier to you.
    I think the colours are perfect, soft, romantic and almost vintage.
    Love your work!
    Take care,


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