Modern fairytale?

Hello all,

I think I mentioned in my last post that S and I went on a trip to see his relatives the weekend before last. They live in the Bristol environs, which is a little ways away from London when you don’t have a car. We do this journey to stay with them a couple of times a year and try and stay a few nights. While we’re there we always try and work in some days out visiting nice places.


This time one of the places we went to was Sudeley. I wanted to share some of the pics and a little bit of the story of this amazing place with you because it inspired me so much. I think it must be the most beautiful stately home I’ve ever been to. The grounds contain partial ruins, as a result of the Castle’s owners being on the wrong side during the Civil War. The rest of the house was later rebuilt, but the remaining ruins give a really romantic air to the place.  Katherine Parr (Henry VIII’s last wife – the one that ‘survived’) is also buried there. You can find out more about the castle on their website.



Anyway, as you know I’m embarking on a bit of a crochet marathon to try and make things to furnish and pretti-fy our flat. I don’t know why exactly, but my visit to Sudeley really grabbed my attention, and I keep thinking about it on and off since I came back. I also found the interiors to be really inspiring. I’m afraid I can’t show you any pics of the inside, as you weren’t allowed to take photos there, for obvious reasons – it’s still a family home, and I suspect they are also worried about people causing damage to items by using flashes when photographing. So, you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the beautiful interiors of the castle have inspired me with some new ideas for projects!

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to work anything up yet design-wise, but I am having thoughts of lacey, vintage, Victorian-looking style crochet pillows and throws. Probably this will be mainly a look for our bedroom rather than the whole flat but you never know. I’d really like to try and create some really romantic looking things. Hopefully I can work up some design ideas to share soon. I’ve been raiding my Pinterest board to help me try to nail down an idea – there are some really lovely things out there:

Beautiful throw from SF Girl by Bay
Gorgeous looking white popcorn stitch blanket -pattern unfortunately in Danish!
This grey blanket
Another grey blanket from Simply Crochet
This, not sure if it’s a table cloth or mat, but I love it…

I could go on and on…my Pinterest board is full of them so if you’re interested take a look. Hopefully soon I’ll have something of my own to share.



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