Tiny squares cushion

So, another cushion is flying off my hook at the moment. This one is from a pattern by Emma Lamb.

It’s a very different style to the kinds of things I was talking about in my last post – much more modern or mid-century in term of the concept – having all these neat little squares. But I’m still enjoying making it.


I expect everyone who likes to crochet it pretty familiar with this design – it’s one of the perennials that shows up on Pinterest a lot. I’d seen versions of this cushion for sale from Emma’s Etsy store, and I’d always fancied having a go at making one myself. However, at the time, a pattern for this wasn’t available – just the finished objects from Emma’s store. Then, last year, Emma published a pattern book, and S’s mother gave me a copy for Christmas. So a version of this cushion has been on my to do list for quite a while.



It’s been surprisingly quick to make – I thought all the weeny little squares and crocheting together and fastening off would take ages, but it hasn’t. Maybe it’s just because I’ve become a little addicted to making little squares!


I’ve tried to choose colours that tone with, but add a little more variety to my moss stitch cushion from earlier in the year.


I do have what feels like about another million ideas for things I want to make jostling for headspace at the moment though, so as much as I am enjoying making this, I’m still keen to go on to the next thing! I really should start writing these ideas down more – sometimes I’ve forgotten them by the time I get a chance to make something new. I’ve been trying to be good this year and be strict with myself about finishing every project I start, and not starting something new until the current thing is finished. So far I have been pretty good, with a couple of small lapses. I’m trying to be more disciplined about it because I do tend to flit from one thing to another like a crazed butterfly otherwise! And moving house last year (with the associated clear-out that moving usually brings) made me face up to the number of half finished and likely never to be finished crochet projects that I had stashed about the place – I have to tell you it didn’t make me feel good about myself!


At least I have finished 1 whole side to this cushion in just over a week – not bad going! I usually get to a point with a project where I know I’m going to finish it – it’s something like realising you’ve gone too far, or put too much effort in to turn back, and I am definitely feeling that with this project – it’s quite a nice feeling really!





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