Catching up

I didn’t mean to be away so long, but our broadband has been broken since last week…and then I didn’t want to just post another ripple blanket progress post either! The ripple is the only thing I’ve been working the last two weeks or so. I’m quite please with the way it’s coming along…still a way to go though. Maybe a finished object in another two weeks!


Working on the ripple hasn’t stopped me doing a lot of daydreaming about other potential projects though. The list in my head and in my notebook just keeps getting longer. I really wish I could just focus on one thing at a time, but I don’t think I am built that way…I’m like a grasshopper.

So I’ve been…

…inspiration hunting…


…colour matching…


…Oh, and I forgot there was also another slight doily attack…


I’m not sure which colour combination I prefer on these, and sort of think I haven’t hit the nail on the head in either of them. The one on the left is cream, pale pink, yellow and dark brown and the other is a sort of biscuit shade along with the same pale pink, yellow and brown. At first I thought it was the cream shade that was wrong – it seemed to stark and white against the pale pink. But then after my second attempt, with the biscuit colour in place of the cream, I think maybe it’s the pale pink that’s off, and both would work better with a brighter pink. I have a sort of mid-pink shade which might work, so there might be a third…if I can put down the ripple for long enough to make one.

My day dreams have mostly been about knitting. I had a trip to the haberdashery department at Liberty’s at the weekend, and came back with not one but two Rowan pattern books. A sweater from one of these is definitely next on my list after the ripple…the only problem is deciding which one!


I think I’m all caught up for now. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Ripple blanket

I mentioned recently that I’ve started working on a ripple blanket, so I thought it would be fun to share some details – both for my own records and for those of you who are interested!

This blanket was the result of a sudden blanket making urge that came over me. It’s been over a year since I’ve made a blanket, and I just felt I wanted to make something new for the living room. I also knew I wanted it to be a ripple. I didn’t fancy making and joining individual squares for this for some reason – I just wanted something I could work calmly back and forth in rows rather than making and joining pieces. So a ripple it was.

I’m making this using a combination of Stylecraft Life and Stylecraft Special yarns. To be honest I haven’t historically been a huge fan of Stylecraft Special DK. I know it is very popular, and it has to be said that it can’t be beaten in terms of colour choice and price. I have only ever made one blanket with it before, and that was a few years ago now. Something about the colour and texture just never sat that well with me…I don’t know what it is. I don’t think  its a yarn snob thing, but who knows!


The shades I am using are shown in the image mosaic, and are:

Top row left to right:

Special DK Parchment
Special DK Duck Egg
Life DK Rose

Middle row left to right:

Life DK Grey
Life DK Mint
Special DK Silver Grey

Bottom row left to right:

Special DK Storm Blue
Special DK Cream
Special DK Fuchsia Purple


Anyway, I’d read somewhere that the yarn had been slightly re-formulated and that there were some new shades, some of which looked like my kind of thing (duck-egg – I really love duck egg!). Also as I’d been looking for something affordable for blanket making purposes – let’s face it pure wool is waaay too bank balance busting when used on a blanket scale, and anyway, I wanted something that I could chuck in the washing machine without worrying too much. So, it seemed like the right time to give Stylecraft another whirl.

I have to say, that once my fingers got over the shock of switching from the 100% merino wool which I’ve used for my last few projects to 100% acrylic, I was pleasantly surprised!

I think the texture has changed compared to when I used the yarn last a few years ago. It’s actually got an almost chenille-ish feel in some of the colourways, which I don’t mind at all.



Needless to say I know have plans for another couple of blankets using this yarn – argh!


Things from this week

A few things I realised this week…

I need to try and plan more…and I can actually be organised and write things down if I try…

I do not have a good memory for faces…or names…

I love turquoise, duck egg, teal, petrol blue, aqua – any kind of blue-green actually

I love it when it rains in summer, as long as it’s warm

I love living in a country with seasons – even though I will always moan about being too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer, and then also complain when it is too warm in Winter and too cold in Summer (yes, I am British!) – weird right?

However much time I have, it will never be enough…

I don’t like crowds

I do like being by the sea

I like bright warm pinks, chalky pinks and grey pink. I do not like cold, pale, baby pinks

I’ll never be the kind of person who can have an all white scheme in their house – you know how you see those beautiful, simple or rustic all white homes on Pinterest and in magazines? I love them but I realise that will never work for me – some colour will always be needed.

I love watching old Hammer films on Sunday nights with S. Yup, I know, weird again…



As much as I have tried this year to stick to my good crafty, strict-with-myself intentions of only making one thing at a time and finishing everything I make, I have now been fatally distracted from my tiny squares cushion…

I don’t know why but the blanket making urge just suddenly became too hard to resist and then over the weekend, this happened..


Yes, it’s a ripple blanket. I just couldn’t help myself, it had to be.

Maybe I can still stick to finishing everything I start, even if I do work on more than one thing at a time…

Spring days


Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather over the Bank Holiday weekend – or managed to enjoy the weekend if you didn’t have either good weather or a Bank Holiday where you are!


We had a really glorious day weather wise on Sunday, so S and I went for a stroll through the local neighbourhood and a nearby heath and park.


I’m feeling a bit of a pull towards bright colours again at the moment…I have ideas for a project…


I really love the pink of these tulips…


In the mean time, despite my best efforts to focus on finishing my tiny squares cushion, I gave way to some instant gratification crochet at the weekend…



It’s been a long day, so I’m off to put my feet up with some tiny crochet squares…see you soon.