Things from this week

A few things I realised this week…

I need to try and plan more…and I can actually be organised and write things down if I try…

I do not have a good memory for faces…or names…

I love turquoise, duck egg, teal, petrol blue, aqua – any kind of blue-green actually

I love it when it rains in summer, as long as it’s warm

I love living in a country with seasons – even though I will always moan about being too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer, and then also complain when it is too warm in Winter and too cold in Summer (yes, I am British!) – weird right?

However much time I have, it will never be enough…

I don’t like crowds

I do like being by the sea

I like bright warm pinks, chalky pinks and grey pink. I do not like cold, pale, baby pinks

I’ll never be the kind of person who can have an all white scheme in their house – you know how you see those beautiful, simple or rustic all white homes on Pinterest and in magazines? I love them but I realise that will never work for me – some colour will always be needed.

I love watching old Hammer films on Sunday nights with S. Yup, I know, weird again…



As much as I have tried this year to stick to my good crafty, strict-with-myself intentions of only making one thing at a time and finishing everything I make, I have now been fatally distracted from my tiny squares cushion…

I don’t know why but the blanket making urge just suddenly became too hard to resist and then over the weekend, this happened..


Yes, it’s a ripple blanket. I just couldn’t help myself, it had to be.

Maybe I can still stick to finishing everything I start, even if I do work on more than one thing at a time…


6 thoughts on “Things from this week

  1. That will be a gorgeous blanket! I agree with you when it comes to WHITE HOMES – it can occasionally look good in a magazine, and sometimes I try to declutter my home and go for a more white/(sterile) style…but it doesn’t take long before my colourful home reappears again. I will never be able to have a white home – it’s just soo boring!


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