May 2016


So that was May. Wow, looking back at these images I feel like I’ve hardly achieved anything! One tiny squares cushion started and then put aside in favour of a ripple blanket which has now in turn been cast aside in favour of some knitting…but more on that another time. Squeeze in between a few doilies, and there you have it – that was my crafty May. Hmm, must do better in June… seriously, it never does make me feel good to think about all the unfinished projects I have lying around. But maybe it does me good to think about them in that it might motivate me a little to finish some of them.

What do you do when you have umpteen UFOs hanging about and can’t muster the will to complete them? Do you have a day of amnesty where you rip back some of them and store the yarn for re-use on something else. Hmmm, can’t see me ever ripping back the tiny squares – but  will finish that one, come what may…Should I place a prohibition on myself from starting anything else until I finish at least 2 of them? That could work…then again…maybe not!


2 thoughts on “May 2016

  1. I ban myself from starting anything new until I’ve finished at least one thing. (I choose the thing with the least still to do so my impatient self can get on and play with a new project!)


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