Staying afloat

It feels like that’s what I’ve been trying to do in May. In my last post I did a little stock take of all my UFOs, and felt a bit pants for not having achieve much in May. I think I’ve just been trying to keep on top of other things more in the last few weeks (mainly housework and cleaning), and as a result something had to give.


With both of us working and me also doing a Ph.D. in my spare time (hah, spare time!) to be honest S and I struggle to stay on top of the things that need doing around the house and garden. We’re both naturally fairly tidy, clean people so there isn’t a huge amount of mess around, but nevertheless, once a week someone has to find time to clean the bathroom, vacuum, wash etc. – and of course that someone is me.


Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a tirade against S, or a complaint about the fact that in many homes most of the chores still fall to women. I actually like doing cleaning and making the house nice. Possibly this is simply because I never have much time to do it – I suspect if I had all day, five days a week to clean, the bloom would soon be off the rose so to speak. I do like cleaning, I like things to be tidy, but at the end of a day/week at work and studying, I just don’t have the time or energy. S, bless him would do more if I asked him I know, but his job is pretty demanding too, so I don’t like to ask.


My sudden surge in attempting to get on top of chores was brought on by our having a discussion about whether we should get a cleaner. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people having cleaners and fully understand why those who can do. But in the end, we decided it wasn’t something we felt comfortable spending the money on when we could just make a little more effort ourselves. This of course resulting in the guilt button in my brain being pushed, catapulting me into housework mode for a week or so. So craftiness has suffered a little as a result. And now I still feel guilty because it’s a new week, and there are a new set of chores to do and once again, I don’t have the energy. Ah well, sometimes you can’t win!


What I have been doing to cheer myself up is knitting! Yes, this is really going to contribute to the completion of household tasks (yeah, right!). But at least I’ll have something to show for myself at the end of it.

I’ve started knitting Cornwallis from the Rowan Summerlite DK book, and it’s so addictive. I love the colour blocking and stripes combo. It’s knitting up really fast too. If I like the finished garment enough I might tackle this again with another colourway or two!


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