Teeny squares cushion

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment… a project finishing roll that is. Well, actually it’s just an illusion caused by the fact that I started a large and small project in quick succession and have, due to running both in parallel for a while managed to finished both projects in quick succession. Well, whatever, the point is, I’ve finished my tiny squares cushion!


It’s been a little while in the making…actually a long while if I think about it. I’d seen pictures of Emma Lamb’s gorgeous crochet cushion around on Pinterest for a while. I remember a couple of years ago, but only the finished object was available, not a pattern. I remember having a go at making my own version, without pattern, just trying to go by the look of the pictures. I didn’t have great success as I just couldn’t get my tiny squares to be square enough for my liking. It’s difficult to make something really square when you are crocheting on the small a scale – only two rounds per square. You really need a couple more rounds to get the corners to stand square.

However, having now made this roughly according to the pattern, I think most of the squaring out of these little suckers actually happens when they are joined, which of course pulls them more into a square shape.


So, I thought I would share some practical details, as I don’t think I have mentioned the yarn and shades used before. So, from left to right above, and starting at the top, here we go:

  • Aqua (044)
  • Grey (004)
  • Oyster (078)
  • Duck egg (019)
  • Unknown (very pale grey-white)
  • Vintage pink (066)
  • Charcoal (033)

As you can see I have one unknown shade, because being the scatty person I am, I chucked all the ball bands before I had noted down that particular shade. I have a feeling that shade may now have been discontinued as I haven’t been able to find the same colour since.


Anyway, I am pretty happy with the result. The cushion cover looks nice and neat on the pad, though I could perhaps do with a larger pad to stretch the cover out slightly more and fill it better. I made 100 squares for each side of the cover, joining them in rows of 10. This fits a 45 cm cushion and looks fine, but I think would probably also fit a 50cm square cushion if you wanted a more tight fitting, plumper looking cushion (I might try that).


The colour palette looks slightly more muted in the finished article than I had perhaps intended, but as you can see it does go fairly well with the sofa and is making friends with my existing pale pink cushion. It is interesting how using the same colours but in different ways gives a different finished effect. The colour scheme is very similar, with the addition of the duck egg and aqua colours, to that of my moss stitch cushion from a couple of months ago, but being squares instead of blocks of colour in stripes I find the finished effect to be very different. Just for comparison:


Well, I’m now off to carry on working on my latest WIP – another throw (already!). Maybe more on that next time.


17 thoughts on “Teeny squares cushion

  1. Hello Jen,

    I love your finished cushion cover, very pretty! And whilst the colours are slightly too muted for my liking, I must say that they work really well together! I also like the random effect of the colour placement. It definitely goes well with your sofa and other cushion! πŸ™‚

    Going to follow your instagram feed as well, you can find me there, too!

    Ingrid xx


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