May 2016


So that was May. Wow, looking back at these images I feel like I’ve hardly achieved anything! One tiny squares cushion started and then put aside in favour of a ripple blanket which has now in turn been cast aside in favour of some knitting…but more on that another time. Squeeze in between a few doilies, and there you have it – that was my crafty May. Hmm, must do better in June… seriously, it never does make me feel good to think about all the unfinished projects I have lying around. But maybe it does me good to think about them in that it might motivate me a little to finish some of them.

What do you do when you have umpteen UFOs hanging about and can’t muster the will to complete them? Do you have a day of amnesty where you rip back some of them and store the yarn for re-use on something else. Hmmm, can’t see me ever ripping back the tiny squares – but  will finish that one, come what may…Should I place a prohibition on myself from starting anything else until I finish at least 2 of them? That could work…then again…maybe not!