Faffing and daydreaming

I seem to be doing a lot of procrastinating lately…otherwise known as sorting, tidying clearing out…basically faffing around, doing anything other than something that is actually useful – such as housework or working on my Ph.D. I put this procrastinating down to the fact that it’s summer – autumn always feels much more like the time to knuckle down to some serious work, what with the whole back to school vibe.

Whatever the reason, I am forced to admit that this is not ideal behaviour for me at the moment, especially where my Ph.D. is concerned, as I decided to set a target for a finishing date with my supervisors last month! Oh well, I still have another 2 years to go – plenty of time right? So anyway, faffing…basically involving sorting through my clothes and jewellery, trying to get better organised. I seem to have a bit of a thing for grey and metallics at the moment…

greys and metallics

…I’ve been day dreaming about having more time to read too (I mean non-Ph.D. reading!). I love books and have always been a bookworm, but these days I don’t get much time, just the 20 minutes or so I spend on the train on my daily commute – and sometimes another 20 minutes or so squeezed into my lunch break. Hopefully some more time can be spent over the summer though (holiday reading – yay!).


I’m also planning some updates and hopefully improvements to my little blog here in the coming weeks…so watch this space!




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