Emma Lamb daisy potholder

I managed to squeeze in finishing a very small crochet project over the weekend – the daisy potholder, from Emma Lamb’s Crochet Home again.


Have I mentioned how much I like that book? This is the second thing I have made from, and probably won’t be the last. One of the best things about it is that there are charts as well as just written patterns. So many crochet books provide only the written instructions, and I find a chart so much easier, so it’s great to have them.


This potholder was very quick and easy to make and could be done in a day. I used DK weight yarn rather than the 4 ply specified in the pattern, so my potholder feels very nice and thick, very substantial – a match for any hot pot!


Because I’ve substituted the yarn on this project I had to reduce the number of rounds so that the potholder wouldn’t be too big, and wouldn’t start curling in on itself from the edges. Basically I omitted the rounds where the count of trebles stays the same – so I increased the number of treble stitches in every round in the first part of the pattern, rather than just in every other round as specified. As you can see the finished potholder is still a decent size. Details of the yarn I used are on my Ravelry page.


8 thoughts on “Emma Lamb daisy potholder

  1. I love the colour combination! It works really well. I received this book for my birthday a few months ago. I keep flicking through it, admiring the photographs. I’ve yet to make anything but I know I will.


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