I’m just back from a week away with S in Devon. It was a good holiday. There were boat trips, meals out, cream teas, lots of photographs.

We visited some lovely places around Torbay, including Brixham, Dartmouth, Torre Abbey, Berry Head and Greenway, Agatha Christie’s holiday home.

I love being by the sea. I think I’ve always felt drawn to it, and seen myself living on the coast somewhere, one day. Since I’ve started taking photography more seriously as a hobby, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture the way the sun sparkles on the sea, and the colour changes between sky and ocean.


We had some wonderful views of the sea, as you can see above. We had a beautiful walk one day up to Berry Head at the most southerly end of Torbay, near Brixham. This walk up to the headland takes in a disused quarry, now a home to beautiful wildflowers, and some fascinating remains of WW2 Royal Observer Core outposts.



I’m a big Agatha Christie fan, having read nearly all the Poirot novels, so it was great to visit Greenway on one of our days.

Greenway has the most beautiful setting, sited up the river Dart with views down over the river, and grounds including a Camelia Garden (sadly not in bloom when we were there). The boat house (left above) was the setting for parts of several of Christie’s novels, including Dead Man’s Folly.

Torre Abbey in Torquay also has some beautiful gardens, which I highly recommend. There were enormous fragrant lavender borders, which just smelt and looked divine. Also a Dahlia bed with various different coloured flowers – the pink Dahlia’s were my favourite.





Sadly it’s back to reality now that we’re back home. Ah well, if we didn’t have real life we wouldn’t enjoy the holidays so much I guess!


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