Cornwallis sweater


Hi everyone, I have a fairly quick show and tell today, as having spent all day at work, and then worked on my Ph.D. and various other things since getting home I am really feeling like I have spent too much time in front of a computer screen today! Plus I am craving to go pick up my needles and squeeze some knitting time into my evening!

So, you may remember seeing the snaps of my Cornwallis sweater a little while ago back in May. I finished knitting this whilst on holiday last week, but have just gotten around to uploading the pics to share with you.


I love a stripey sweater or top at any time of year, and especially in summer. This was generally speaking a pleasure to knit up, and fairly quick too. It’s simple stocking stitch stripes with a garter stitch yoke are knitted in a contrasting colour. It was that colour blocking that really drew me to this design and first made me want to knit it, and I still love that about it. I have to say I did struggle with the making up a little. I knitted the smallest size, and with the sleeve shaping as set out in the pattern, I found it a little difficult to see actually where I should pick up and knit stitches across the top of the sleeves when working the neck band. At one point I did despair of ever getting it right and was tempted to chuck the whole thing (I know, it was bad!). However, I persevered and some how it does all seem to have worked out looking fairly even.



I really loved the yarn used, which is Rowan Summerlite DK. It has a great drape when knitted up and feels wonderfully soft without making you feel like it’s going to pull or snag as soon as you put it on. It also washes well, being machine washable at 40 degrees (thought I stuck to 30 when washing this to be on the safe side – Summerlite is pure cotton and cotton can shrink in the wash).

So there you are, summer in stripes! I’m sure you’ve had enough stripey show and tell now. What are you knitting this summer? I have to say I am already planning my autumn knits, but more on that next time.

p.s. the sweater pattern is by Martin Storey and you can find the Ravelry page here


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