Poppies and sunshine

It’s such amazing weather here at the moment. Blue, blue skies, massess of sunshine, and very hot.


I’m not normally someone who likes it very hot – if the thermometer goes much above 25 degrees I start to feel uncomfortable. But the summer has been so pants up until recently that I’m not complaining even though we’ve had almost 30 degrees several days this week.


Seeing poppies scattered across corn fields and along road sides, waving there heads under a pure blue sky is the essence of summer for me. It takes me back to my teenage years. I grew up in a village in the home counties, and used to roam the footpaths in the surrounding countryside during holidays and weekends. In the summer I always loved to see red poppies dusting the verges. In autumn is was hearing the leaves crunch under foot, looking for conkers and seeing pheasants scuttle across the road ahead. I miss that. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up living in a city. I think I’m a country girl at heart.


Anyway, I thought I’d do a little crochet catch up today. I seem to have decided that it’s ok to have one crochet and one knitting project on the go at the same time. So at the moment, in between working on my Ashburn shawl I’m making another blanket. The design is one that I improvised based on Tipsy Tessie’s blanket.


I think this may take a while to complete, but I’m ok with that. I think this one will be picked up and put down in between doing other things, but that’s fine as long as I keep coming back to it.


I’m off now to enjoy the final hours of the weekend. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, whatever you do.



2 thoughts on “Poppies and sunshine

  1. I completely agree with you about the heat – I’m savouring every moment even though it’s uncomfortable just because it might be all th3 summer we get! I love your crochet project the pattern and colours are lovely – enjoy every stitch 🙂


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