Slowing down…

doliy1I really feel like I need to slow down a little. I’ve been feeling so tired. I went for a run this morning and it was absolutely exhausting – much more so than usual.

Keeping up with life is just too much sometimes – work, Ph.D, family, everything that needs sorting out with the house. We live in a Victorian property, and while it’s largely in good nick, since we moved in there have still been a few things to organise and think about – re-tiling in the bathroom, re-pointing outside, trees that are out of hand and really should be cut down.


My eyes have been feeling really strained and tired too, which adds to the tiredness – I think it’s too much staring at the computer screen. That’ll be a trip to the opticians for me then…

When I got home form work yesterday night, I felt so exhausted I just lay on the sofa for 15 minutes until S got home. It felt so strange, I realised I never just sit and do nothing. I can’t remember the last time I did. Even when I’m sitting down on the sofa I’m normally making something. Maybe I should try and work in a little ‘nothing’ time each day. Does anyone else do this? How do you fit it in?


What I really want is to be lying on some grass somewhere, in the sunshine watching the clouds go by overhead. Maybe I’ll get to do that at the weekend…here’s hoping.


7 thoughts on “Slowing down…

  1. Love the mat in your photos, the lacy edges are exquisite! I do take downtime every day, due to health issues I don’t have a choice, I’m come home from 8 hours at work and just crash. I miss my former life filled with energy and projects! On good days it is lovely to take a break, sit outside in the sunshine with a cup of tea and soak in the rays…it can be energizing and get me fettled for the rest of the day and evening. Take a break…you deserve it!


  2. Life sometimes asks too much, especially for women, who have to be in charge of everything: household, kids, husband, pets, family, garden, groceries,…
    Moreover, society doesn’t allow you to slow down now and then.
    I totally understand that you need some time off.
    I think you need more than a little break every day, at least that is what I read between the lines…
    I hope you can take the time you need.
    Don’t feel guilty, just rest!
    Take care,
    PS: Lovely pictures, as ever…


    • Thanks Sigrid – you are very kind! I completely agree about society demanding more from women. I remember I read somewhere that on average women have 1 hour a day less spare time than men! I do often feel like I’m starting my second shift when I get home from work and have to do housework and cooking. At least now it’s Friday – I think I’m going to have a break from studying this weekend and just put my feet up!
      Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Hi,

    You really do need to have some downtime. I used to be like you doing a lot of stuff – 4 kids, 2 jobs, acting in my spare time, house stuff etc, and used to collapse on a Friday evening exhausted from work. Then after 18 months of feeling tired, achey and often flu-ey, I developed some severe pains and was diagnosed with 2 illnesses a year ago, both of which were probably stress induced. It seems to be a common characteristic of my fellow sufferers that we were all very busy types. Life is different now, I’ve had to leave my social care job and am forced to rest frequently – which goes against the grain 😦 Crochet has been my saviour, although ludicrously there are times when I’m too tired to do that! So look after yourself and maybe a blood test to check your iron levels? Build routines of rest time, like having a fixed time by which you sit down and read or watch tv whatever, in the evening. Also plan weekends now and then which are just about pleasure and relaxing.

    Lovely crocheted mat by the way.

    Best wishes,



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