Coastal escape – Falmouth 2017

A few weeks after our West Country visit to see S’s family, we had a proper getaway down to Cornwall for a holiday. I love this part of the UK, and although this is now the fourth year in a row we’ve had our summer hols to the same part of the world, I still find it breath-taking and thouroughly enjoy our visits there.

Although we based ourselves in Falmouth for the week, we got out and about a fair bit considering we were without the use of a car (as we live in London we don’t own one – it would be pointless most of the year).

We meandered along the beaches and shorlines of Falmouth:




I found plenty of plants and flowers to admire and snap:







We took strolls and caught ferries to other towns and villages:







We even made it as far as St Ives by train one day, which is on the other (North) coast of Cornwall. Oh my gosh it is a gorgeous town I can tell you. It’s the first time I’ve ever visited St Ives and the sandy beaches and turquoise water really took my breath away. You could almost think you were in the Meditereannean!




As you can see this Seagull obligingly decided to pose for me!

Well, that’s all for this time, I’ll try for a catch up on crafty goings on closer to home next time!


January 2017


January. It’s all about planning…


……….getting into new habits (keeping a journal)

Thinkning about new hobbies and skills to learn – doing more sewing and embroidery for me this year…


But not forgetting the old faithful stand-bys that get me through the days – knitting, crochet, and lots of tea!




Slowing down…

doliy1I really feel like I need to slow down a little. I’ve been feeling so tired. I went for a run this morning and it was absolutely exhausting – much more so than usual.

Keeping up with life is just too much sometimes – work, Ph.D, family, everything that needs sorting out with the house. We live in a Victorian property, and while it’s largely in good nick, since we moved in there have still been a few things to organise and think about – re-tiling in the bathroom, re-pointing outside, trees that are out of hand and really should be cut down.


My eyes have been feeling really strained and tired too, which adds to the tiredness – I think it’s too much staring at the computer screen. That’ll be a trip to the opticians for me then…

When I got home form work yesterday night, I felt so exhausted I just lay on the sofa for 15 minutes until S got home. It felt so strange, I realised¬†I never just sit and do nothing. I can’t remember the last time I did. Even when I’m sitting down on the sofa I’m normally making something. Maybe I should try and work in a little ‘nothing’ time each day. Does anyone else do this? How do you fit it in?


What I really want is to be lying on some grass somewhere, in the sunshine watching the clouds go by overhead. Maybe I’ll get to do that at the weekend…here’s hoping.

Things from this week

A few things I realised this week…

I need to try and plan more…and I can actually be organised and write things down if I try…

I do¬†not have a good memory for faces…or names…

I love turquoise, duck egg, teal, petrol blue, aqua – any kind of blue-green actually

I love it when it rains in summer, as long as it’s warm

I love living in a country with seasons – even though I will always moan about being too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer, and then also complain when it is too warm in Winter and too cold in Summer (yes, I am British!) – weird right?

However much time I have, it will never be enough…

I don’t like crowds

I do like being by the sea

I like bright warm pinks, chalky pinks and grey pink. I do not like cold, pale, baby pinks

I’ll never be the kind of person who can have an all white scheme in their house – you know how you see those beautiful, simple or rustic all white homes on Pinterest and in magazines? I love them but I realise that will never work for me – some colour will always be needed.

I love watching old Hammer films on Sunday nights with S. Yup, I know, weird again…



As much as I have tried this year to stick to my good crafty, strict-with-myself intentions of only making one thing at a time and finishing everything I make, I have now been fatally distracted from my tiny squares cushion…

I don’t know why but the blanket making urge just suddenly became too hard to resist and then over the weekend, this happened..


Yes, it’s a ripple blanket. I just couldn’t help myself, it had to be.

Maybe I can still stick to finishing everything I start, even if I do work on more than one thing at a time…