A typography walk

January is a good time to try something new. It was completely unplanned, but this weekend I’ve managed to try two new things – pretty good going!

The first was a new magazine, Breathe, which jumped off the shelf and into my hand whilst browsing the magazine rack in a supermarket on Saturday morning.


I am a bit of a magazine addict. The Simple Things is one of my favourites, and probably the only one that I get every month without fail. I tend to gravitate away from the traditional ‘women’s lifestyle’ magazines – you know the kind that are full of make-up tips and fashion spreads – those aren’t really my thing. To be honest I’ve been feeling a bit fed up with homes and interiors magazines lately too – they always seem to have the same spreads of all white houses. Magazines like The Simple Things which mix features that I actually want to read, recipes, craft and travel items are much more my cup of tea these days. Breathe seems to be after this pattern, and I’ll be looking out for it from now on. I haven’t had a chance to read much of it yet, but it looks really good, with lovely photography, interesting features and ideas for things to do.

So, buying Breathe led me to try my second new thing of the weekend as one of the short features in this issue suggested a typography walk as something fun to do. This is exactly what it sounds like – grab your camera, head out side and find and snap as many interesting examples of typography and signs as you can. I love to take photos and I do like interesting signage and typography, so this seemed perfect. So, when S and I headed out for lunch today I brought along my camera. I wasn’t really expecting to find much just in our local area, but I found about 10 good examples of typography within a short distance of our flat.








This was really good fun (well to me it is anyway!), and I think is a great way to be a little more observant of your everyday surroundings, including the kinds of places you see week after week and don’t pay much attention to.

Stay cosy x



Faffing and daydreaming

I seem to be doing a lot of procrastinating lately…otherwise known as sorting, tidying clearing out…basically faffing around, doing anything other than something that is actually useful – such as housework or working on my Ph.D. I put this procrastinating down to the fact that it’s summer – autumn always feels much more like the time to knuckle down to some serious work, what with the whole back to school vibe.

Whatever the reason, I am forced to admit that this is not ideal behaviour for me at the moment, especially where my Ph.D. is concerned, as I decided to set a target for a finishing date with my supervisors last month! Oh well, I still have another 2 years to go – plenty of time right? So anyway, faffing…basically involving sorting through my clothes and jewellery, trying to get better organised. I seem to have a bit of a thing for grey and metallics at the moment…

greys and metallics

…I’ve been day dreaming about having more time to read too (I mean non-Ph.D. reading!). I love books and have always been a bookworm, but these days I don’t get much time, just the 20 minutes or so I spend on the train on my daily commute – and sometimes another 20 minutes or so squeezed into my lunch break. Hopefully some more time can be spent over the summer though (holiday reading – yay!).


I’m also planning some updates and hopefully improvements to my little blog here in the coming weeks…so watch this space!