In and around Hampstead


This time I thought I’d share a little bit about a day out S and I had in London. We often think that there are a lot of hidden gems in London. Places to visit that tourists might overlook and that we as London inhabitants probably forget or never hear about. So, I thought it would be fun to tell you about a visit we had to Hampstead this weekend. It’s one of my favourite areas of London for wandering around. And it’s not just about the famous Hampstead Heath or and the view from the top of Parliament Hill. There’s a lot more to Hampstead.

The main reason for this little wandering was for me to have a chance to try out a new camera. I’ve been lucky enough this week to snap up a new-old camera in the form of a second hand Canon Eos M compact system camera, in virtually mint condition. I wanted to take it out for a spin, so came up with the idea of a walk around Hamsptead to visit some of my favourite haunts.

There are some lovely back streets and side streets, which seem to have hardly changed since Victorian times. If you like old street lamps, street signs and forgotten little churches with overgrown graveyards carpetedin flowers, you’ll be in heaven here.




When the weather is as gorgeous as it was yesterday, it’s enough for me to just roam the streets – I don’t need anything more to make me happy!

However, if you are after some more of a destination, and a little bit of culture for your day out then there are a few National Trust properties in and around Hampstead. We happened upon this one, Fenton House.


We didn’t go in on this occassion, but just peaked through the gate.


However, it’s now on my list of London places to visit, so I’ll hopefully be returning there soon.


The final destination for our morning out was the Hampstead Pergola. The Pergola is sort of part of Hampstead Heath, but is a little bit away from the most popular spots on the Health. You can find out more about it, and a map here.

It’s a beautiful spot to visit on a summer’s day, and yesterday it felt positively mediteranean!




It’s truly a beautiful spot to sit and lounge, soaking up the sun. There are plenty of benches where you can sit and take in the view and enjoy the site of the occasional rose peeping out from between the stone columns.

That’s all for now, but I promise to be back with a crafty catch up soon. Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend, whatever you’ve been doing!


City and country

We went on a little London wander today…



We started in the City…making the most of the deserted Saturday morning streets. At the weekend you can take your time and have space to look around.

Then we meandered through East London…soaking up the colourful atmosphere and browsing the shops.




Finally we ended up at Hackney City Farm, which is great fun – a litte slice of country in the middle of the city. We visited the animals, and then sat and basked in the garden enjoying the sun.




Hope you had a fun Saturday too!


A spot of colour, London style

Once again technology has been against me and the result has been an enforced break from blogging. This time it was my laptop that decided to die last Sunday. So I’ve had a week away from all things online at home, which is probably no bad thing.

While I’ve been away, we’ve had some birthday celebrations, which has meant a couple of fun days out around London, visiting some of our favouriate haunts. One of these is the Picture House Central cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue. It’s hands down the best cinema I have ever been to, and I really love the way they have set everything out inside. There decor is sort of industrial-chic, with a lot of large neon signage. Does anyone else get a little hypnotised by colour-changing signs? I always have to stand there and watch them go through all their different colours.


It also meant a chance to pop into Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road. You can’t beat a book shop, and I’m glad there are still some bricks and mortar book shops around, despite the rise of the ereader. I’m a die hard fan of the printed page. I loved the colourful book displays in Foyles, so thought I would share those too:



I really need to start taking my camera around with me. The photos above were all taken with my camera phone, and I can really see the drop in quality compared to even my compact camera. Phone cameras just don’t perform well in low light.

So apart from gadding around town, I’ve just been up to the usual. My ripple throw is nearly finished after a final push, so hopefully I can share some snaps of that next time.

Have a good Monday!


Spring days


Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather over the Bank Holiday weekend – or managed to enjoy the weekend if you didn’t have either good weather or a Bank Holiday where you are!


We had a really glorious day weather wise on Sunday, so S and I went for a stroll through the local neighbourhood and a nearby heath and park.


I’m feeling a bit of a pull towards bright colours again at the moment…I have ideas for a project…


I really love the pink of these tulips…


In the mean time, despite my best efforts to focus on finishing my tiny squares cushion, I gave way to some instant gratification crochet at the weekend…



It’s been a long day, so I’m off to put my feet up with some tiny crochet squares…see you soon.