Coastal escape – Falmouth 2017

A few weeks after our West Country visit to see S’s family, we had a proper getaway down to Cornwall for a holiday. I love this part of the UK, and although this is now the fourth year in a row we’ve had our summer hols to the same part of the world, I still find it breath-taking and thouroughly enjoy our visits there.

Although we based ourselves in Falmouth for the week, we got out and about a fair bit considering we were without the use of a car (as we live in London we don’t own one – it would be pointless most of the year).

We meandered along the beaches and shorlines of Falmouth:




I found plenty of plants and flowers to admire and snap:







We took strolls and caught ferries to other towns and villages:







We even made it as far as St Ives by train one day, which is on the other (North) coast of Cornwall. Oh my gosh it is a gorgeous town I can tell you. It’s the first time I’ve ever visited St Ives and the sandy beaches and turquoise water really took my breath away. You could almost think you were in the Meditereannean!




As you can see this Seagull obligingly decided to pose for me!

Well, that’s all for this time, I’ll try for a catch up on crafty goings on closer to home next time!


Tintern Abbey

So, here is the first of my promised catch-up posts!

One of our little jaunts away was to see S’s family over in the West Country. On one of our days out we hopped over the border and into Wales, to visit the lovely Tintern Abbey.


Tintern is a picturesque ruin, in the most beautiful setting, nestled in the depths of the Wye Valley.

The Abbey itself was built in medieval times, before falling into ruin as a result of the dissolution of the monasteries brought about by Henry VIII. It’s a familiar story for most monastic buildings or Abbeys found in the UK dating from this period, but for anyone who’s not aware, the dissolution of the monasteries basically involved the crown under Henry VIII seizing large amounts of land previously owned by the Church at the time when the Church of England split from the Catholic Church.

If you’re interested in the history of this, you can read more about Tintern here. But I really just wanted to share my photos – my little attempt to try and capture the atmosphere of this amazing place.






I hope you enjoyed this little peek, if you’re ever in the Wye Valley area I recommend a visit to take in the sight for yourself!




Hello, I’m back! I almost couldn’t believe when I finally got around to checking in here this morning and realised that I haven’t posted since the middle of April. It’s been a chaotic and busy 6 weeks.


We’ve had Easter and S and I have been away a lot – visiting family and then going away on a little escape to our favourite part of Cornwall. Also, something which I neglected to mention in my previous post, S quite badly injured his hand at the beginning of April, which rather sent ordinary life over a cliff for a time.

He severed a tendon in the back of his left hand, and had to have an operation to fix it. To begin with he was a little bit incapacitated. Even though he’s right handed, it’s amazing how difficult having his left hand basically completely out of action for about 3 weeks made life for him. I had to help him with a lot of basic tasks and he couldn’t really do any of his normal household jobs for a while, which meant I had to pick them up instead. Fortunately he’s on the road to recovery now, though not completely there yet – but things are getting back to normal for us.

Anyways, I have a lot of posts to share and catching up to do, so I’m going to try and schedule a few things to go out over the next couple of weeks.

J xx